Ultraspire Revolt Hydration Race Vest UltraFlask Water Bottle Included Red Long


    Ultraspire Revolt Hydration Race Vest Ultra Flask Water Bottle Included Red Long. The Revolt Race Vest is the most minimal, body-bare pack we offer. At a mere 7 ounces this pack allows for super cooling due to a very small footprint in the back, yet has a surprising capacity.


    • Optimal center of gravity rear left or right side access holster for carrying a bottle and necessities
    • Over-the-shoulder accessed expanding quick stash for gloves, sleeves, rain jacket or second bottle
    • Two front elasticized pockets hold gel flasks, multiple packets of gel or cell phone
    • Proprietary large-holed mesh, made of soft microfiber polyester for comfort and breathability
    • Soft and supple perimeter binding made with polyester to wick away moisture, and stay comfortable against bare skin


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